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Canoe and kayak paddle cadence

Home Products Store News Gallery About Support Home Products Store News Gallery About Support Home Products Store News Gallery About Support Lachlan Tame and Olympic Gold medalist Ken Wallace at the Oceania Champs 2013  What Lisa Carrington Olympic Gold  medalist has to say about Vaaka.....   What is Vaaka? Wireless canoe and kayak paddle              cadence sensor.   Hassle free, real time stroke rate      feedback as you paddle.  View your cadence data alongside speed and heart rate on your GPS device.  Use cadence and speed feedback to improve distance per stroke.  Top end speed is about maintaining your distance per stroke at high cadence.    Make every training session count. “Yes...the cadence sensor has been really good. I use it all the time and it really assists me in my training which is awesome. It helps me know exactly what I am doing with my training. I don’t think I could go back to training without it.”                                                                                      Lisa Carrington 	                                              “Really handy especially for me to keep control of  my training, and it's great for me training on my  own with no coach for stroke rate feed back.”                                                                          Lachlan Tame “Great bit of kit.” ”Instantaneous feedback on stroke rate, it takes the  guesswork out of training. Thanks guys.”                                                                            Ken Wallace
Congratulations ....... Teneale Hatton WK1 5000m World Champion
See what three World Champions have to say about the Vaaka Kayak Cadence Sensor 
Teneale Hatton  “I have found it (vaaka) really useful, especially as i have struggled  with my rating so to have live feedback right infront of me during training/time trials etc has been so beneficial.”
Congratulations ....... Lisa Carrington WK1 200m World Champion
Lisa Carrington “If you are doing a good speed and doing a low stroke rate that’s really awesome, that type of feedback is really good because with kayaking you are going for distance per stroke all the time.”
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